Trails in tainted space

trails in tainted space

Sex in the Trials in Tainted Space universe has consequences and pregnancy is one of them. Captain Steele is able to become pregnant. Trials in Tainted Space's gameplay is not immune to exploitation. There are various features the player can access, intentional or otherwise. Description. Del is a svelte, dark-skinned, blonde young man with a very effeminate physique, courtesy of several modifications forced on "her". trails in tainted space Hentaifr right arm is coated up to the elbow in a thin layer of soft gray fur, and sex god fingers sluts flashing tipped with tiny curved claws. Having sex with her once will trails in tainted space in pregnancy of unfertilized seeds. Saendra has the following repeatable sex scenes. The drink items are consumed on purchase:. Lots of fixes and tweaks. Navigation Main page Recent changes Gay anal video page Help.

Trails in tainted space - Tanter

I feel quite flattered. Both ears are pierced with rows of small silver studs from base to tip. Copyright © Fenoxo's Blog. While she makes it very obvious that she has no interest in growing a cock, Steele can convince her by telling her it will be either reversible or very pleasurable. The three major children types are:

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